We are all bombarded with paralyzing gloom and doom information about what is happening to the planet. The Green Divas want to lighten the load and share low-stress ways of living a deeper shade of green. In other words, we care about sustainability, but we still shave our legs - we just do it more responsibly. This campaign is to help us create a catalog of videos that ask and answer the questions, “Why should we care?” and “What can we do?” Using animated graphics we will take the information we learn from our extended Green Diva (and Green Dude) family of trusted experts and make the information entertaining and digestible with do-able action steps so that everyone can join in.  

This funding will allow us to produce a few of these 2-3 minute videos so that we can show off why even more need to be made.  We will use the samples to raise the money it takes to make lots of them and blast them out into the world through our already-established relationships with our online media partners (who have a combined unique monthly visitorship of over 45 million eyeballs). They will be non-exclusive and available to EVERYONE who wants to share what they learn from these videos with their friends, family, students, nosey neighbors, Internet pals etc.

For example:

Why should we care about electronic waste or eWaste?

Did you know that in this country alone we produce 20 to 50 metric tons of eWaste, of which only 15% gets recycled!?! That is the equivalent of about 100,000 fully-loaded 747s that could potentially end up in landfills, (picture an animation of a bunch of 747s being piled up in a land fill).

What can we do?

We will list and illustrate a list of ways to donate and recycle your eWaste.

This series can be used to reach the dedicated to the newly converted and the about to be converted. There will so many subjects tackled that everyone will find something they can do and feel better about.

About the Rewards

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About The Green Divas

Green Diva Meg: Founder, Host
(aka Megan McWilliams) is an author, screenwriter, TV/radio/interactive content producer, blogger, product/book/restaurant/film/anything reviewer, humorist, radio show host, and recovering ex-publisher. She has been living, writing and getting the word out about low-stress, sustainable living to a broad and diverse audience for over 22 years and has been ‘green’ since before it was chic to be like Kermit The Frog.

Green Diva Lisa: Radio Co-Host and GD Correpondent (Austin, TX) (aka Lisa McWilliams) is a TV/Radio co-host, film producer, non-profit ED, blogger and the wayward sister of Green Dive Meg.  As Meg’s older sister, Lisa was recycling and composting long before it was trendy.  For the last 2 decades, Lisa has been a documentary film producer and perpetually has her antenna up for good stories. 

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This campaign has been sponsored by:

Mobile Film School

Mobile Film School is a registered 501(c)3 that focuses on:

·  media arts education to rural and underserved communities, including the juvenile justice system;

·  creating long-term mentoring relationships by pairing students with seasoned industry professionals and educators;

·  providing media educators with the tools to continue local media educational programming and production; and,

·  cultivating a unique appreciation of local history and culture using storytelling in film.